top 5 best sleeper sofas 2018

Top 5 Best sleeper Sofas 2018

Top 5 best sleeper sofas 2018
Top 5 best sleeper sofas 2018

How to get the best sofa beds and most comfortable sleeper sofa? First, you know, we call it a sofa bed, or sleeper sofa because it combines two pieces of furniture that you can own. A sleeper sofa as well as a convenient bed.  Having a sofa bed is a part of every home, today! A best sofa bed is comfortable for sitting and sleeping, it create extra flexibility in limited spaces. Now, after  a long way , sleeper sofa can claim to be as comfortable and convenient as a regular bed.


We have so many reasons for buying a best quality sleeper sofa and comfortable one, now. First let’s take note of your room size If your room is not big enough, you may want a best sofa bed for sleeping, a sectional sofa bed may be a good option. You can turn a normal room into a bedroom or guest room by putting a comfortable sofa bed here. Nowadays, when you live in a small apartment, you can get a furniture that you can seat, sleep comfortably. Anytime when you want invite your guests, your friends, your relatives over night for late meal or drinks? Anyone has spent a night long, they will appreciate the importance of a good sleeper sofa. ? If you’re host, make sure that don’t overlook the comfort level of your guest bed. According to us, a sofa is one of the biggest and longest furniture investments. Choosing the right sofa is a big decision when decorating your home and it is the most used piece of furniture in your house. You want it to last for so many years, and you also want it to be good, comfortable, convenient and stylish. Today, there are so many comfortable models on the market and these are tips that you just need to know what to look for when you go shopping!  So these are some most comfortable sleeper sofas for your choice.

Here is the list of 5 best sleeper sofa that bring to you the comfort when using:

#1. Heritage Convertible Sofa

#2. Hammondale Pin Tufted Convertible Sofa

#3. Minter Sleeper

#4. Swiger Convertible Sleeper Sofa

#5. Eugene Modular Loveseat & Ottoman Sleeper


How to choose the best sleeper sofa:

Comfort and convenience — today’s sleep sofas have both. One of the most convenient pieces of living room furniture is the sleeper sofa. You can turn any your space into a bedroom or guest room by putting a quality sleeper sofa there. It has come a long way from being the uncomfortable now a sofa bed can claim to be as comfortable as a regular bed. If you need the sofa bed for accommodating occasional overnight guests or for even daily use, there are many tips you want to read before shopping the most comfortable convertible sofa that fit your style and needs.

What size do you need?

The most important thing a sofa bed will fit in with your blank space and your existing décor in your house. Sleeper sofas have four standard widths:

Couch size: 52 to 58 inches

Twin size:  58 to 65 inches

Full size:  66 to 90 inches

Queen size: 80 to 100 inches

You should consider measuring the figures of your small room and narrow staircases to fit in with the sofa bed.

How to choose Frame options?

What is “Kiln-dried” hardwood? Its frame is strongest and the most durable for any type of sofa. It means moisture has been removed, so that the wood doesn’t warp with any changes in temperature and humidity. Avoid buying soft woods such as pine and cedar. Of course you must know the fact that hardwood is more expensive than soft woods.

Look for a good quality Sofa bed Mechanism

While turning it from sofa to bed the convertible sofa mechanism might makes you feel hard and it takes long time to convert, sometimes. The mechanism should lift up and out in one smooth motion without sticking. This is the heart of a good sofa bed, the feel and comfort of the sofa bed can be broken by the low quality Sofa bed Mechanism.

Check Mattress for Quality

Mattresses are the central of the design comfortable sofa bed quality mattress makes for a good night’s sleep. According to us, a good quality mattress will support the body at the hips, and lower back. You should determine what type of mattress that you want, there are five most common replacement mattresses:

Fabric and Leather? How to choose?

“Should you buy fabric sleeper sofa or leather one?” that is the question we get asked most often when someone is going to buy a sofa bed.  We have no right answer. Both fabric and leather have their negative and positive features.

According to us, fabric sofa beds tend to be more comfortable than leather sofa beds for many reasons as fabric tends to be softer, warmer than leather. When you use leather sofa beds in the summer, you often feel they are hot and sticky, right? But we can see, a leather sofa bed tends to feel more firm than fabric one.

If you have pets like cats or dogs, you should choose a fabric sofa bed, because fabric doesn’t get scratched like leather does, it’s can withstand pet’s claws better than leather.

If you want to live in a modern house, you should choose leather sofa beds. A leather sofa bed is trendy than a fabric one and tend to appear more high end in a space than fabric sofa bed does.

You know?  Leather’ color palette is more lasting than fabric! Leather is very easy to clean. Maintenance and durability are very important to consider. Both materials have their advantages and disadvantages. You should decide what you value most – durability or comfort.

For whom this product is used ?

Are they really comfortable? Does everyone regret buying a sleeper sofa for every use? Dose it worth purchasing a sleeper sofa? Should we buy a sleeper sofa for sitting and sleeping? Are sofa beds suitable for everyday use? How to choose a sleeper sofa that meets my needs and comfortable

 You don’t have a guestroom and wonder whether a sofa bed is the best way to accommodate our guests

We have received many questions and we’re sure that you have so many questions, right? Now we will give you 3 great reasons for buying sofa beds – why every home should have one. Let’s get going, shall we!

You love using multi-functional furniture because it not only saves space but also make your room more high end. With a sofa bed, you can blend perfectly two of the biggest pieces of furniture you can have in your house- bed for sleeping and sofa for seating.

Make a guest bedroom/ living room from one space

When the room is used as a living room, we can use a sofa for seat during the day, when guests stay over the sofa bed can be pulled out for sleeping. So a sofa bed blends two pieces of furniture in one. It’s making each work well when being used for that function. A sofa bed would be perfect.

Save your money

You’ve just moved into a new home, you don’t have enough money to buy a sofa and a regular bed! You can save a big budget if you buy a sofa bed for seat and sleep on. It’s can be a best way for you right now. Your sleeper sofa will comes with a built in 4-5 years quality guarantee, it’s very useful furniture for everyday use in every home.

Creating more floor space in a small bedroom

You have a small bedroom? In the small bedroom there isn’t enough floor space for all your activity during daytime, a sofa bed would fit in the room.

Three great uses of a sofa bed. If you need an extra occasional bed tucked away, you don’t have enough space in your home. Or simply you want maximizing your furniture as much as possible, let’s look for a sofa bed.