If you are reading this article then I am pretty sure that you already know about Email Marketing, if you do not know then I suggest you take a look at how to build my Email list. Here I will introduce you Sendy will help you send email marketing easily.

The main concern of the Marketer when starting to build email list. That is the cost of email marketing services and this is why they have not built an email list.

Although they put a lot of effort into their website, despite some free email services available, they still charge a certain amount of money, and are limited to certain features.

If there is one type of email service that is 100 times cheaper than MailChimp, Aweber. And what about other famous email service providers?

If you do not want to pay more each month, when the list size increases.

What happens if there is another service. There are all the features available in Aweber and Mailchimp

Well this is where Sendy works. I discovered this email marketing service a year ago. And have used it for a while, so I will share my experience and how this application saves me $ 200 per month with email marketing services.

What is Sendy?

Sendy is basically a self-hosted emailing application through Amazon SES, running on PHP and MySQL. This means that you will install the application directly on your server or subdomain such as email.yourwebsite.com, instead of relying on other service providers.

Another interesting fact is that emails sent via Amazon SES cost only $ 1 for 10,000 emails and unfortunately Amazon does not provide any email service tools to use these features and that’s where. Sendy uses the application to integrate with Amazon SES and send Email through it.

And the most important thing is that the application has a one-time cost of $ 59 and you do not have to pay monthly. The single charge also includes all future updates and support from their technical team.

Why use Sendy instead of Aweber, Mailchimp or any other application?

Now you will think why Sendy is the best choice and there is also a difference between Sendy and other self-hosted email applications.

The difference is, all self-hosted applications out there send emails via your SMTP server and you are limited in the number of submissions.

While Sendy uses Amazon SES and there are no hourly limits similar to your server. Also, the best part I observed is that there is a lot of risk to an email being sent to the spam box if you are using your own server but in Amazon SES I do not see any emails removed from the mailbox. Come on.

So as I said earlier, Amazon SES costs only $ 1 for 10,000 emails and you can see from the picture, Mailchimp will charge you $ 200 for the same amount of emails.

Features of sendy self-hosted email application

Sendy basically has all the features available in the top email service providers, for example, Campaign Builder, Reporting, Auto-Bounce, Auto-Answer, Appeal, Unsubscribe. ,

The additional feature that I like about Sendy is that if you are a company or if you want to offer email services to any of your customers, there is a multi-account processing feature, in which case you Create a separate login for the customer and cause a specific list to display instead of displaying all listings.

Since Sendy uses Amazon SES, you really have control over your listings and you can optin 2 times and optin once, unlike Mailchimp, where you are not allowed to modify your optin settings twice This sometimes makes it really difficult.

It also has the option to filter email, if the email does not exist or is blocked by the firewall, it will automatically clean up the list and filter the emails out of the list the next time the email is sent to that list.

And at last you can register an account here to use for lifetime