Do you ever think about driving for Uber, and do you still in divide mind what they require when you apply for this position. If you search for the internet you will see that they don’t have more information to guide you. For more clearly this talk will discuss the question how to become Uber driver. To help you get all information you need to become Uber driver.

  1. Why people choose to be Uber Driver

Become Uber driver bring a lot of benefits for you. Uber give you a chance to make money behind the wheel. It also gives you a chance to know clearly about all street and road or even chance to meet and acquaint with a lot of people. Finally, you will realize it grows and trains yourself to be more confident.

How To Become Uber Driver
How To Become Uber Driver
  1. Uber driver and Uber vehicle requirements

To become Uber driver you have to cover some requirements: Both you and your car have to meet different requirements. Most of the requirements are straightforward but some are not. So you should consider the extra details for easier on the process of applying.

Uber driver requirements

At first you must be at least 21 years old and got three years driven experiences. In addition is the auto insurance in your name. You still need to pass a background check and a driving record check. Then check your car if it qualify for Uber. If you don’t have your own car to drive for Uber you might rent or lease one.

  • Have access to a 4-door car

Uber often accepts vehicles ten years old or newer. It might be different in some cities so you should check your city requirement for more clearly. Just by visiting, enter your city in the upper-rights corner then clicks “product” to see which model year is required in your city.

  • The background check

When meet all requires you have to continue pass the background check: At first is DUIs (driving under influence), in some state if you ever got this fault your application will be rejected immediately. The next they will check your history of operating a vehicle. If you don’t get any major accidents, serious moving violation, reckless driving charges or criminal history you will be support to drive for Uber. Don’t worry if you have a few speeding tickets lately it is not such important.

  • Commercial Driver’s License

A driver license totally decided you could be Uber driver or not. To become Uber driver the basic level of service is enough for you. However the higher class of license is better.

If your car is not approved or you don’t have a car you still can apply to drive. Click on “I need a car” then you will go to driving record test. After that unless you are approved to drive you can rent, buy or lease a car.

Uber vehicle requirements
  • Uber vehicle registration

Even your vehicle needs to meet some requirements before you pick the first customer. The vehicle must meet certain require to be accepted by Uber.

A car should be model 2000 or newer for almost city. It might be a little different in some country so check the right model on the website for exactly information. If you got a sedan, your car should be carried at least 4 passengers in a drive, excluding you. In addition your license plates is state-issued and finally your car not been previous salvaged or using for taxi services. For luxury transport services the additional requirements will be added.

If you using your own car to drive. The Uber will inspected your car to ensure that it cover all requirement. The inspection is free if inspect at activation center. The inspection must cover basic mechanical and safety features of your car such as: tires, lights, seat belts and brakes.

  • Insurance requirements

When your car is approved to drive you have to provide a photo of the vehical’s registration, even if it be registered in the other name as long as you’re insured to drive that car. In addition is the insurance card of the car that your name is listed on. Don’t forget your insurance must be in-state.

  1. Applying to Be an Uber Driver
Where to apply Uber Driver

Uber is different to the traditional taxi services. When working for Uber you are paid weekly, you might use your own car and especially they allow you to personally set your time shifts for more convenient

When you and your car meet all requirements you can go through application process. At first fill out an application online through the website Then send Uber your vehicle inspection that is certified by third party. Next you submit paperwork for your background check. When finished those steps you will be allowed to set your schedule and begin with your first drive for Uber.

To get more information or if you want to talk with Uber drivers you might click on the Uber website This website allows you to get all information, take advice or apply to be Uber driver. It also helps you quickly check your city requirements about Uber car or even asking for drive. Not only for Uber driver but also client, will be the best for you to get a job or for people to quickly and easily catching Uber drive.

  1. How Uber Works

After you meet all requirements you will got your Uber username. Then just download and open Uber driver app, Uber will provide you a phone and set up the drive. You can also use your phone, Uber will provide details steps to set up this app.

When clients request a drive, the closet driver will automatically receive the request. So just drive to the client pick-up position. The app will help you charge the rider so you won’t need to collect any fee.

Finally, you will see that become Uber driver is not difficult as you think. When you have a car and a license you totally have a chance to join Uber. So don’t asking how to become Uber driver anymore. You are ready to sign and try and got a chance to make money driving.